If you're looking for practical advice and natural products to enhance your curls, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the tips and treatments you need to take care of your curly hair and give it the love it deserves.

1. Understand your curls

Before diving into the world of care, it's crucial to understand the nature of your curls. Curly hair needs intense hydration and a specific approach to avoid frizz and maximize definition.

Wavy hair will require less nutrition than frizzy hair for example! Take the time to look at your curls and identify their type to choose the right products.

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2. Gentle shampoo, a crucial step

Start by choosing a gentle shampoo.Avoid products with harsh sulfates that can dehydrate your curls. Instead, opt for natural shampoos, ideally certified organic. The label is proof of quality!

Please note that you should not wash your hair every day.

Ideally, 1 to 2 times a week max. If your hair gets greasy too quickly, then thedry shampoois the miracle solution.

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3. The importance of conditioner

The conditioner is your ally to gently detangle your hair.

Choose an organic product rich in moisturizing agents. Apply it generously to your hair after each shampoo, focusing on the ends, to facilitate detangling and strengthen the structure of your curls. The conditioner should not be put on the roots, at the risk of making them greasy.

4. Natural hair masks you will do

Treat your curls to regular treatment with hydrating and nourishing hair masks. These masks allow'hydrate or nourishnaturally your curls in order to reduce frizz, prevent them from swelling in rainy weather, make brushing easier, give shine and softness to your hair.

In short, it’s really essential to integrate into your routine!

The perfect care routine for curly hair:

✅ Once a week a moisturizing treatment.Our selection of moisturizing treatments for curly hair. Homemade moisturizing agents are honey, aloe vera and agave syrup.

✅ Once a month a nourishing treatment based on vegetable oils and butters. You can easily find them in supermarkets or organic stores.

😱 Be careful, the oil does not hydrate! She nourishes.

5. the ESSENTIAL, the styling product!

To define your curls, choose suitable natural styling products. Gels, creams or milk. It's the product that keeps your curls defined throughout the day, limits frizz and maintains bounce. It is applied after shampooing and does not rinse off. Use the scunching technique to have well-defined curls.

With all this information are you still lost?

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Taking care of your curly hair has never been so easy and enjoyable with the right products. By investing in appropriate care, you can enhance the natural beauty of your curls while contributing to the health of your hair.