We hear a lot about hair transition towards natural... and you, are you going to leave the dark side of conventional products for natural products?

It seems like a long journey full of pitfalls and yet, it is worth the effort!

So, say goodbye to Elseve, L’Oréal, Redken, Franck Provost… Stop destroying your hair! And that’s very good news for you, your health and the planet! 🌿

But how to do it ? Where to start ? Don't panic, here we give you the keys so that you can carry out your hair transition with peace of mind.

Why start a hair transition?

The first question to ask yourself is WHY? Why embark on this adventure?

Behind this question, there is a real intention to eliminate chemicals which damage the hair fiber in the long term but also to consume more responsibly.

You should know that most supermarket hair products contain bad chemical agents, which give the impression of having healthy hair, but in the long term, it is rather the opposite effect that occurs...


❌ Silicone is a derivative of plastic, it smoothes the hair cuticles and gives the impression that it is soft and silky. But in reality, silicone prevents the hair from breathing and absorbing the right nutrients.

❌ Sulfate , for its part, is an aggressive surfactant for skin and hair. It’s what brings the foamy side of shampoos and soaps, it’s nice, isn’t it? However, it only dries out and disrupts the pH of the scalp.

Attention ! Just because you have a shampoo that doesn't lather a lot doesn't mean it doesn't clean! This is a preconceived idea that the big manufacturers have managed to make us adhere to.

❌ Mineral oils are also unsuitable for natural routines. These are paraffins derived from petroleum which block the pores of the scalp and thus prevent sebum from going down the fiber.

We'll stop there but the list of harmful everyday ingredients is still very long... (if you're interested, don't hesitate to tell us, we'll write an article about it). Besides, you can download the INCI Beauty application to scan the composition of your cosmetics.

Our products are all rated "EXCELLENT" 20/20 on all our products but you may be surprised by some of the results!

Therefore, this type of product can cause or aggravate all kinds of hair problems: dryness, roots that become greasy too quickly, itching, hair loss, psoriasis, etc.

All this to say that we must be wary of certain products which damage the hair more than anything else but also which have a very polluting manufacturing process and once diluted in the shower water, continue their harmful lives...

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What are the essential steps to successfully transition your hair to natural hair?

The hardest part is taking the first step!

Here are 4 steps it is best to go through for a successful hair transition to natural hair!


Cut your hair

 Your hair transition will be more effective if you cut your very damaged ends, especially if you have done coloring, bleaching, straightening and straightening.

A big chop will be the best way to start off on a healthy basis. It's the act of cutting off a large part of your hair to start from scratch. But it’s a very difficult decision to make, we agree!

So otherwise, the alternative to this big change would be to cut about 1 to 2 cm of your hair every month (depending on whether it is very damaged or not)

You will have understood, the goal is to leave with the least damaged hair base possible.


Make a clarification

Detoxify your hair! Bye Bye all the silicones, sulfates and other products that have accumulated on your hair!

We advise you here to carry out a good clarification by doing a Detox treatment.

But what is it ? It's a process that allows you to deeply clean your hair in order to give it a good reset.

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Find your routine

No need to go overboard with 40,000 products in your routine.

To start, a shampoo, a conditioner and a mask will be ideal for gently cleansing, detangling your lengths and caring for and repairing your hair. Of course, if you have curls or frizz, you can add a leave in (leave-in product to style and position your curls/frizz)

Afterwards, don't hesitate to test different products to find the one that suits you best.

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Accept your natural hair

Love yourself and pamper your hair! Because we are never more beautiful than when we love ourselves. A little self-love doesn't hurt, quite the contrary!

PS: before starting your hair transition, think about the planet! Don't throw away your started products, finish them or give them to those around you 😊

Their production is already complicated enough for the planet, let's not add to it by wasting these products.