Straight hair is beautiful, but sometimes it can present specific and different challenges than curly or textured hair. Fortunately, there are natural solutions to take care of your straight hair and enhance it naturally.

Our products prove to be perfect allies for straight hair, offering a multitude of benefits.

In this article, we will tell you about common problems with straight hair, suitable natural solutions, and why Ayurvedic powders do them the most good.

Problems with straight hair

Straight hair can be prone to issues such as flatness, lack of volume, difficulty maintaining styles, as well as susceptibility to frizz and flyaways , oily roots .

These characteristics should be taken into account when you choose your hair routine!

Adapted natural solutions

Fortunately, there are natural solutions to enhance straight hair. Here are some tips to adopt:

Volume and texture

Use a dry shampoo made with Orange powders to add volume and texture to your hair.

Use a blush brush and dab some powder on your scalp.

Also know that all Ayurvedic powders are known to provide volume, so by using them regularly as a treatment, you will have your lioness' mane!

Test orange powder

Nutrition and protection

Opt for lightweight hair oils such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil to nourish your long hair without weighing it down.

These oils are considered dry oils, they will not grease your hair as long as you are not too heavy handed.

These oils nourish the hair, protect it from external aggressions and give it a healthy and shiny appearance.

Our products are more about moisturizing treatments. Transform it into a nourishing mask treatment by adding an oil to strengthen and nourish your lengths. Your mask will, however, need to be pre-shampooed.

care powders

Fight against oily roots

Perform a detox treatment once every 2 weeks.

This will free your scalp of the impurities that saturate it and help rebalance your sebum production.

It will also add volume and lightness to your straight hair.

You can also use the dry shampoo technique with Orange powder.

Detox powders

Our Ayurvedic powders as a mask for straight hair

There’s a powder for every problem!

As you will have understood, Ayurvedic powders are valuable allies for straight hair. Formulated only with natural plant powder, they have beneficial properties for the hair.

At Powder, you can find 3 types of powders

Detox powders

Ideal for taking care of your scalp. And yes, healthy hair starts at the roots!

Washing powders

Naturally loaded with plant saponins, these powders are able to wash your hair much more gently than traditional shampoos.

Care powders

To detangle, strengthen, enhance, stimulate growth... so many benefits for your hair!

With our products you can compose your own tailor-made treatment or opt for mixtures already prepared with our Hair Masks . It's easy, fun and quick to do!