Hey you, passionate sportswoman! We know how much you love to push yourself during your workouts, but what do you do to take care of your mane during these intense moments?

We have some hair tips to reveal to you to keep your hair in great shape, both during and after your most intense sports sessions.

So, grab your pencil and get ready to write down our tips that will allow you to look amazing in all circumstances.

Choose the right accessories for your hair:

When getting ready for your workout, remember to use the right hair accessories.

Small, tight elastics can be harmful to your hair, damaging it and even causing breakage.

Opt instead for our scrunchies, these pretty elastic bands made from soft and elastic fabric. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also reduce the chances of damaging your hair fiber.

So, say goodbye to the little elastics that pull your hair and say hello to scrunchies, your new hair allies!

Adopt my scrunchie

Avoid washing your hair too often:

We know it's not easy, especially after an intense workout where your hair can feel greasy from sweat.

However, washing your hair too often can actually disrupt your scalp's natural balance and cause overproduction of oil.

A tip to prolong the freshness of your hair is to use Orange powder as a dry shampoo.

Yes, you read correctly, orange powder! This natural powder absorbs excess sebum and leaves your hair fresh and clean. Simply dab your roots gently with a large blush brush for an instant effect.

So, goodbye to greasy hair and hello to always impeccable hair!

See orange powder

Opt for shampoos: shampoos based on ayurvedic powders:

If you want to go further in your natural hair approach, No-poo are made for you!

No-poo, or "No shampoo", are alternatives to traditional shampoos. They are formulated with Ayurvedic powders, rich in beneficial natural active ingredients for your hair. These powders gently cleanse your hair while preserving its natural hydration.

Shampooders are perfect for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals.

So, let yourself be tempted by this Ayurvedic hair experience and give your hair the natural care it deserves!

test the shampoo

There you go, you now have everything you need to take care of your hair during and after your sports sessions. Opt for the right accessories like scrunchies, avoid washing your hair too often by using orange powder as a dry shampoo and discover the benefits of No-poo based on Ayurvedic powders. With these simple and effective tips, you will be able to shine on all terrains, whether on the yoga mat or during your running session. So, go towards your sporting goals by displaying radiant, healthy hair!