Summer is finally here, and with it, the opportunity to let your wild, free hair flourish in the sun and dive into the waves without fear. However, it is important to take a few precautions to prevent your hair from turning into a bale of straw at the start of the school year. Don't worry, I'm here to guide you through the ups and downs of summer hair with lots of practical tips!

Why does hair get damaged in summer?

Just like your skin, your hair is exposed to the vagaries of the sun and UV rays . These can cause damage to the internal structure of your hair, making the pigments more fragile and the scales less resistant. In other words, your hair may become drier, brittle and prone to split ends.

The sea is often considered an ally of hair, as the salt water helps to coat the hair and gives it a beautiful texture. But be careful, too much salt can also cause damage. By absorbing moisture from your hair, salt dehydrates it and weakens its structure. Additionally, it irritates the scalp and damages the protective scales of your hair.

Chlorine in swimming pools is not left out. This ultra-chemical product does nothing good for your hair. Result: loss of hydration, increased porosity and dry, brittle hair. Not really what you're looking for for your hair, is it?

So, how to protect your hair this summer?

To protect your hair from the hazards of summer, you can count on vegetable oils. They are the superheroes of your hair! In addition to penetrating deep into the hair fiber to strengthen your hair, certain vegetable oils have a natural anti-UV filter. Coconut oil is particularly effective because its structure is similar to that of your hair. Jojoba oil is also a great option, light and non-greasy.

Leave-in creams are also a great choice for protecting your curls. Rich in vegetable oils and butters, they create a protective barrier around your hair. Not only do they strengthen your hair, but they help retain moisture. So, you can absolutely add 1 tablespoon of hair mask to your powders.

The actions that will save your hair.

Now, imagine yourself slathering yourself with after-sun milk to pamper your skin after a day of sunbathing. Well, guess what? Your hair deserves the same attention!

  • Before taking the plunge, apply a vegetable oil, mist or cream to your hair to prepare it for action.

  • Create protective hairstyles before an activity (swimming pool, hiking, seaside, etc.) to avoid breakage.

  • Once you have finished your swimming session, don't forget to rinse your hair with clean water. This is an essential step to eliminate salt or chlorinated water residue, which could damage your lengths.

  • Before returning to bask in the sun, reapply your favorite vegetable oil, mist or cream. Take the opportunity to detangle your lengths with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, in order to distribute the products evenly and obtain sublime curls.

Now, let's move on to caring for your hair in summer. We know you want to wash them every day because of the heat, sand and product buildup. But be careful, shampooing daily can be harsh on your scalp. Luckily, there are gentler techniques to keep your hair clean during the holidays! Shampowders or co-wash are your allies! Very soft, they will allow you to space out your shampoos.

Just blabber, but concretely what are the essential steps to take on our hair?

Wash and purify - Use gentle solutions to clean your hair, and as said above, avoid shampooing it after each swim or use gentle solutions like our shampoo.

Treat - The restorative mask is the essential you need!

Style - Use your mask or a good conditioner to properly detangle your lengths. You can also use marshmallow powder which is a very good detangler. In addition, its texture is really very pleasant! Result: hydrated and detangled hair.

Protect - Before swimming or going out in the hot sun, apply a few drops of vegetable oils to your lengths to protect them as much as possible. Do not hesitate to repeat this step after your swims.

Our must-haves for this summer

A little extra tip!

Add 1 tablespoon of conditioner and aloe vera gel to your Powder mask. You will get an intense hydration boost to prepare your hair for summer but also prevent breakage and external aggressions.

Ah, and don't forget that the beauty of your hair also depends on your inner health. So, drink plenty of water during the summer. Your hair and skin will thank you! There you go, with this mini-guide, your hair is ready to spend the summer in complete freedom! No more excuses for coming back from vacation with dry and damaged hair!

And with that, the Powder team wishes you a wonderful sunny summer!