Welcome to Team Powder, where all hair types are welcome! If you're looking for natural tips to moisturize your hair, you've come to the right place. We reveal to you the miracle ingredients for top-notch hair! 🌿


First on our list, Oats! This natural treasure forms a creamy cream when heated with water, which hydrates and strengthens your hair. As a bonus, it detangles and soothes your scalp. Use it as a mask, styling cream or even in your Powder treatments!


We continue with the Marshmallow! This incredible treatment powder detangles, coats and strengthens your hair. In addition, it provides volume and soothes sensitive scalps. Mix it with hot water to obtain a moisturizing, detangling and conditioning treatment. You can even add other hydrating ingredients for maximum hydration!

ORGANIC Marshmallow Powder


Linseeds are also gems for your hair. Boil the seeds with water to make the fabulous Flax Gel. It moisturizes, protects against frizz and fixes your hairstyles to perfection. Use it as an alternative to your gel, as a leave in or in your Powder treatments.


Let's move on to Yogurt, a must-have for homemade hair care. This super ingredient deeply hydrates, nourishes and provides protein to your hair. No more frizz, your hair will be soft and disciplined. Add plant-based yogurt to your recipes for healthy hair. Little tip, you can use a yogurt with an expired date if it has no odor. But be sure to test it in the crook of your elbow beforehand.


We can't forget Honey, a hair darling. It deeply hydrates, purifies and soothes your scalp. Use it in all your hair recipes for shiny hair, no more dull hair.


Rice water is an excellent hair moisturizer because it is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These nutrients penetrate the hair cuticle, deeply hydrating and strengthening its structure. Additionally, rice water helps balance the pH level of the scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair. Its regular use can make hair softer, shinier and less prone to breakage. So add it to your powder treatments!


Aloe Vera Gel! It is an essential treatment for your scalp and ends. It’s a real hydration booster. As a bonus, it soothes sensitive scalps, fights against itching, dandruff and hair loss. A true hair care star!


And finally, Banana Powder! it is rich in sugars and mucilages, which makes it ideal for your homemade moisturizing recipes! It hydrates the hair fiber and protects it from dehydration, thus limiting frizz and tangles! In addition, it detangles, softens and revitalizes your lengths.

ORGANIC Banana Powder