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Organic Marshmallow Powder

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3 jars = 350g = 30 uses

Organic marshmallow powder is a plant extract known since Antiquity. It has moisturizing and soothing properties for the hair.

It is essential for successful 100% natural hair care. It softens, coats and facilitates detangling for soft and shiny hair. Effective on curly hair to limit frizz.

For :

  • Promote detangling of hair
  • Soften, coat and protect hair thanks to its richness in mucilage
  • Moisturize hair and give it volume and shine
  • Soothe sensitive, itchy scalps

Our treatments are produced in Drôme, by an ESAT which employs people with disabilities . Discover the benefits of plant powders on Instagram @powdernaturel.

💚 Certified Organic by Cosmécert®

🥕 Yuka rating: 100/100

🌿 100% natural origin

    Organic Marshmallow Powder
    Organic Marshmallow Powder
    Organic Marshmallow Powder
    Organic Marshmallow Powder
    Organic Marshmallow Powder

    Results from our users

    🌸 Marshmallow Powder = soft and hydrated hair

    As a key ingredient to enhance the beauty of hair,marshmallow powderis recognized for its exceptional properties:

    • Promotes detangling of hair,thus facilitating gentle styling.
    • Softens, coats and protects hairthanks to its richness in mucilage, offering deep hydration and a natural barrier against external aggressions.
    • Deeply moisturizes hair,providing volume and shine for radiant, healthy hair.
    • Soothes sensitive scalps, prone to itching, for optimal comfort and a feeling of well-being.

    Use themarshmallow powderas a key ingredient in your masks for exceptional results:

    • Care for dry and damaged hair, restoring its vitality and natural shine.
    • Detangling treatments and plant-based conditioners, for soft, supple and easy-to-comb hair.
    • Care suitable for wavy, curly, frizzy and afro hair
    • Natural treatment for problem scalps such as dandruff, itching, and irritation, providing relief and soothing

    INCI: Althaea officinalis leaves powder*.*Certified 100% organic by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard

    How it works ?


    As a conditioner mask to beautify hair.

    Recipe 1: Natural care for curls

    • 1 spoon of Marshmallow
    • 1 spoon of Neutral Henna
    • 1 spoon of Banana
    • + approximately 9 spoons of water

    Recipe 2: Natural treatment for hair growth

    • 1 spoon of Marshmallow
    • 1 spoon of Amla
    • 1 spoon of Moringa
    • + approximately 9 spoons of water

    Recipe 3: Natural care for dry hair

    • 1 spoon of Marshmallow
    • 1 spoon of Orange
    • 1 spoon of Banana
    • + approximately 9 spoons of water


    Applyas a conditioner on wet hair


    To leaveleave for 10 minutes or more under aCare Charlotte


    RinseThenadmirethe result ! Soft and healthy hair ✨

    Why powders?

    For hair care, there are two options:

    Products available in supermarkets, easy to use but composed of synthetic substances with a chemical odor, and which generate pollution (single-use plastic bottle, composed of 80% water). 😒

    At Powder, we have chosen to offer an alternative, with 100% active ingredients and in powder form!

    ✨ Our formula is healthy, composed entirely of natural ingredients, vegan and COSMOS Organic certified, issued by Cosmécert. ♻️ Our innovative approach aims to reduce plastic pollution through our cardboard packaging.

    💚 Everything is made in France with love, in an ESAT employing people with disabilities, and at an affordable price.

    Statistics from our testers

    After 1 month of use:

    98%curly hair find that their curls are better defined

    90%would recommend the marshmallow to their loved ones

    87%find that hair is softer

    • Rated 100/100 on Yuka

      100% of ingredients are of natural origin

    • Certified organic

      by Cosmécert

    • Manufactured in an ESAT

      which employs people with disabilities in Drôme

    • Zero plastic

      to limit our environmental impact

    How to use powders?


    It's very simple, we show you how to enhance your hair naturally thanks to the powers of Ayurvedic plants.

    STEP 1

    Select one or more powders

    to combine according to your needs. Mixing several plants allows you to benefit from the properties of each and create your own tailor-made treatment!

    STEP 3

    Mix with hot water

    Very simply add water little by little into a bowl to get the right texture. ↳ as a reference, 3 tbsp of powder = 9 tbsp of water (approximately)

    STEP 4

    Apply to your wet hair

    Our treatments should always be applied to wet hair. Detox or Shampoo treatments should be done BEFORE shampooing. Length care should be done AFTER shampooing.

    STEP 5

    Let it sit

    minimum 10 minutes. Under a treatment cap it's better to increase effectiveness!

    STEP 5

    Rinse then admire

    And there you have it, naturally sublimated hair. You can then continue with your usual routine.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Très bon produit

    Pour mes cheveux bouclés, je fais un mélange de plusieurs poudres : banane, shikakai, guimauve et orange. J'utilise aussi les masques réparateur et sublimateur. Les résultats sont étonnants car j'ai arrêté d'utiliser
    shampooing ou autres produits et ces poudres laissent mes cheveux propres, mes boucles retrouvent même du peps. Le seul produit que j'utilise encore c'est du gel. Je recommande vivement cette alternative naturelle.

    Un très bon démêlant

    J'ai les cheveux qui s'emmêlent assez vite et je craignais que les poudres ne permettent pas un bon démêlage, mais bien au contraire, grâce à la guimauve, on peut enlever les nœuds avec douceur.

    La douceur !

    La plus soyeuse des poudres, un vrai miracle pour les cheveux en manque de douceur…