It all starts with a trip

In 2020, Agathe left for India for an initiatory trip.

There she discovered the beauty rituals of Indian women, who have used Ayurvedic plant powders for millennia to take care of their hair.

Agathe was fascinated by the effectiveness of these powders on her own hair, which had regained shine and vitality.


She also realized that conventional cosmetics were often full of chemicals and plastic , which were negative for our health and our environment.

That's when Agathe had a crazy idea: create an organic and natural cosmetics brand , inspired by Indian beauty rituals and respectful of the planet.

Following his professional experiences in hair consulting and in collaboration with specialists in natural cosmetics ; she selects, imagines and formulates the best hair care products using Ayurvedic powders from organic farming.


But why Ayurvedic powders?

Agathe was convinced that these plants were full of benefits for hair, unlike conventional products which only provide ephemeral results and damage hair in the long term.

Ayurvedic powders allow you to naturally enhance all hair types. They purify, wash and care to make them stronger, shinier and more supple.

With Powder, the hair of each of its clients could regain its natural shine.

How it works ?

Today ...

Powder is an organic and natural cosmetics brand recognized for its commitment to the environment and health.

Each product is carefully selected and formulated to provide optimal results, while respecting our planet.

We are proud to offer ethical, quality and environmentally friendly products, while preserving the age-old tradition of Ayurvedic medicine.

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