No. 1

Hair health as a mantra

Our formulas are composed only of plant or mineral active ingredients.

We eliminate all controversial and non-natural ingredients.

Our products are all rated “Excellent” on all scanning applications, and 100/100 on Yuka.

The majority of our products are compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding.


No. 2

Organic and 100% natural formulations

Why did we choose organic certification?

To guarantee the use of high quality active ingredients , grown with full respect for biodiversity, soils and farmers, while excluding the use of synthetic ingredients.

  • Rated 100/100 on Yuka

    100% of ingredients are of natural origin

  • Certified organic

    by Cosmécert

  • Manufactured in an ESAT

    which employs people with disabilities in Drôme

  • Zero plastic

    to limit our environmental impact

No. 3

Ethical and local production

We attach great importance to the ethical and local production of our cosmetic products.

This is why we are proud to collaborate with an ESAT (Work Assistance Establishment and Service) located in Drôme, France, for the manufacture of our products.

By working in partnership with an ESAT, we support the employment of people with disabilities.

We firmly believe in the social and professional inclusion of all people, regardless of their disability, and we are proud to contribute to the creation of employment opportunities.

No. 4

Ingredients from organic farming

We believe that nature is our best ally in taking care of ourselves.

This is why we have selected the best plants from organic farming .

Our ingredients are sourced as closely as possible when possible. As Ayurvedic plants are grown only in India (climate and use), we make a point of sourcing our supplies once a year and by sea to limit the environmental impact of transport.


Compatibility with the greatest number

Our products do not contain any allergens, perfumes, preservatives or essential oils to allow the greatest tolerance on your hair and skin.

Our products are sublimated in their raw state , whether plant scents or textures in order to respect the traditions of Ayurveda.

No. 6

Respect the living

We oppose animal testing, which has in any case been banned since 2009 in Europe.

All our products are vegan , containing no ingredients of animal origin.

Our commitment to organic certification ensures that our ingredients are not subject to pesticides or GMOs.


No to plastic

Sustainability and environmental preservation are paramount.

This is why we have chosen not to use plastic as packaging for our cosmetic products. We favor ecological alternatives, such as cardboard which is a biodegradable, recyclable or reusable material.

By choosing not to use plastic as packaging, we seek to promote a more responsible and environmentally friendly approach in the cosmetics industry. There is enough plastic in our bathrooms!


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