Guide to using our Powders

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Operation / Use of powders

How to use powders?

Our powders are very easy to use to take care of the hair of the whole family. Simply take a bowl, mix the powder(s) of your choice with hot water to obtain a smooth and thick texture. Typically, 2-3 tablespoons total are needed (whether you opt for a single powder or a synergy).

Apply the treatment to damp hair starting at the roots then extend the mask to the ends. Leave on for 30 minutes under a fabric care cap then rinse thoroughly and admire!

Can I make mixtures? Synergies?

Yes completely. Synergies allow you to benefit from the benefits of several plants at the same time.

You can find all our recipe ideas on the Blog section!

Do powders color or bleach hair?

Powders do not color except Amla which should be avoided on light hair (blonde or white). Clays tend to cause vegetable colors to bleed if they are left on for too long. Do not exceed 15 minutes.

How many times a month can I have a treatment?

You can do treatments with our powder every week.

How many ses can make a pot?

It depends on whether the powder is used alone or in synergy as well as the length of the hair. One pot used alone represents 6 to 10 treatments for mid-length hair.

Results / Tips

Are powders also suitable for straight hair?

Of course ! No preference, our powders take care of all hair types. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, short or long, it needs love just as much.

Is the treatment applied to dry or wet hair?

To ensure better effectiveness of the treatments, you should always apply your treatments to damp hair!

Whether it be :

  • Before shampooing for a mixture of Detox powder or the Detox Hair Mask => damp hair
  • To replace shampoo with No-Poo => damp hair
  • To make an after-shampoo mask to deeply beautify your lengths => damp hair

We wish you good use!

Can I mix the powders with honey/agave syrup/ingredients from my kitchen?

Of course, it is also recommended to add a good dose of hydration to your mask! Here you will find all the ingredients in your kitchen that can improve your care.

Should I put my powders before or after shampooing?

It depends on how you use it. If it is a purifying, detox or clarifying mask you can do it before or after shampooing. If it is a treatment for your lengths then it will be after shampooing.

How much should I use for a treatment?

Typically, 2 to 3 tablespoons total is needed for medium-length hair (whether you opt for a single powder or a synergy).

Delivery / E-shop

Why is there a minimum order of €15?

At Powder, we are committed to offering you responsible and ethical products at fair prices, designed in the best conditions.

Since its launch, Powder has set itself the mission of a transition towards naturalness, more playful, more desirable, more anchored in our daily lives. This is the promise we make to each of you every time we imagine our products.

This is why we have chosen to place a minimum order of €15 on the e-shop and we will explain our reasons to you!

To illustrate our point, in complete transparency, for each package produced we must count:

  • a box, a card, the packing particles (1.5€)
  • pay the logistician who takes care of the packages (€1/package + €0.40/product)
  • we cover part of the shipping costs (between 2 and 4€)

So for each package made (whether there are 1 or 10 products) it costs us at least €5 in costs , without obviously mentioning the cost price of the product itself.

So you will easily understand that after an order for a total of €6, we have €1 left which does not even represent ¼ of our manufacturing costs for the product sold. The calculations are wrong! We would therefore lose money with each order placed... However, we want to guarantee fair value remuneration to all the people who work on our products.

So, here are the reasons that lead us to make this choice, to continue with you to keep this promise.

What are the payment options available ?

You can pay for your purchases on our e-shop by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Master Card).

Is the payment secured ? Payments by credit card are ensured by our specialized partner Stripe, an organization compliant with the European DSP2 directive and which has the highest PCI DSS level 1 certification. At no time is Powder in possession of your bank details thanks to the SSL encryption process .

What are the delivery times ?

Your packages are carefully prepared by Nadya and Emmanuelle in an ESAT in Drôme (establishment which employs people with disabilities).

As we know that you can't wait to test our Powder, we strive to ship your packages as quickly as possible, taking into account the establishment's adapted schedules. (Shipping times vary between 2 and 3 working days)

Drop-off at the Mondial Relais point takes place on Wednesday morning .

How do I track my package?

For any order on the e-shop, you will be able to track your order using the Colissimo / Mondial Relay / Chronopost tracking number.

How do I modify or cancel my order?

We do our best to prepare your packages as quickly as possible. It is therefore not possible to modify your order once validated (delivery address or addition and withdrawal of products) because it is being prepared in our logistics workshop.

Thank you for understanding ! 🙂


Can powders expire? The duration of the conversation ?

The expiration date is indicated under the jar. It is generally 1 to 2 years. If the texture and smell are still satisfactory, you can continue to use it safely.

Storage conditions ?

As the powders are quite sensitive, we strongly advise you to store them at room temperature, away from air, humidity and light.

Store a mixture with water?

If you have taken too much care, you can keep it in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days but no more. Since there are no preservatives in our products, they are to be used immediately.


Can powders be allergenic?

As a safety measure, we advise you to test the powders 48 hours in advance in the crease of the elbow to avoid any inconvenience.


Powder & Blonde Hair

Our powders are intended for the greatest number of people. If you have white or very light blonde hair, we do not recommend Amla powder which can darken your hair slightly.

Powder & colored hair

Our powders are intended for the greatest number of people. If you have vegetable-colored hair, we advise you not to leave the clays on for more than 15 minutes as they can cause the colors to bleed.

Powder & pregnant woman

The power of nature accessible to all.
0% essential oil and allergen-free.
Our treatments are suitable for all types of scalp, even the most sensitive, and for the whole family including pregnant or breastfeeding women*.
*except Neem powder, to be avoided because it is very active

Powder & children

Our treatments are suitable for all scalp types from a young age, except Neem powder, which should be avoided as it is very active.


My pot doesn't look completely full.

You will find the quantities on each package. All powders do not have the same density, some are very light and airy therefore take up more space in the pot (like Neem or orange) and others are more compact (like clays) and therefore actually take up less space. If you ever have any doubt, we invite you to weigh your packaging.

The powder forms a block, it has hardened

It can happen that sometimes when you open a small powder, the powder forms a block. Our packaging being as ecological as possible, that is to say in plastic-free cardboard, it is therefore less airtight than “classic” packaging.

Don't worry, this in no way alters the properties of the plants and by scratching a little, they easily return to their powdered form.

Little tip: if the block is really compact, 10 seconds in the blender and the problem is solved!

Powder traceability

Where do the powders come from?

Our powders are rigorously selected for their quality and their harvesting method. They all come from organic farming and production is carried out in working conditions that respect the harvesters.

Distributors / Business

I am a distributor who would like to sell your brand: how can I contact us?

We are always happy to partner with companies that share our commitments and values. If you are interested in our powders, do not hesitate to contact us at