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Rhassoul from Morocco

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1 pot = 100g = 10 utilisations

Moroccan Rhassoul (Ghassoul) is a natural earth powder that deeply cleanses the hair while providing volume and shine . It also absorbs excess sebum and impurities. It does not contain surfactants, making it an extra gentle ally for washing all hair types.

Goals :

  • Gently cleanse hair
  • Absorb excess sebum

Our treatments are produced in Drôme, by an ESAT which employs people with disabilities . Discover the benefits of plant powders on Instagram @powdernaturel.

💚 Certified Cosmos Approved by Cosmécert®

🥕 Yuka rating: 100/100

🌿 100% natural origin

    Rhassoul from Morocco
    Rhassoul from Morocco
    Rhassoul from Morocco
    Rhassoul from Morocco
    Rhassoul from Morocco

    Results from our users

    🪨 Rhassoul from Morocco = natural treatment for soothed roots

    Rhassoul, a true “washing earth”, comes from volcanic clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco.

    It is used to creategentle paste shampoosAndpurifyingdue to its exceptional ability to absorb impurities without causing skin irritation.

    This ingredient is essential in hammam rituals. Unlike shampoos and soaps, Rhassouldoes not contain any surfactants.

    Its cleaning process is based onabsorptionphysicalimpuritiesAndfats,thus preserving the hydrolipidic film of the skin and hair, while avoiding irritating the sebaceous glands.

    • Delicate cleanser and degreaser that protects the sebaceous glands.
    • Important powerabsorbentfor excess sebum and impurities.
    • Give somevolumeand somelightnesswith fine hair

    For: replacing or spacing out shampoos, oily hair, fine hair, hair lacking volume.

    INCI list: 150g - Moroccan lava clay
    100% pure and of natural origin
    COSMOS Approved controlled by Cosmécert according to the COSMOS standard

    Comment-ça fonctionne ?


    As a mask before shampoo to purify the hair

    Used alone or mixed with other powders.

    Recipe 1: Purifying shampoo for oily hair

    • 3 spoons of Rhassoul
    • 1 spoon of Nettle
    • + approximately 12 spoons of water


    Applyfor scalp care instead of shampoo on wet hair


    To leaveleave for 10 minutes or more under aCare Charlotte


    RinseThenadmirethe result ! Purified and healthy hair ✨

    Pourquoi les poudres ?

    For hair care, there are two options:

    Products available in supermarkets, easy to use but composed of synthetic substances with a chemical odor, and which generate pollution (single-use plastic bottle, composed of 80% water). 😒

    At Powder, we have chosen to offer an alternative, with 100% active ingredients and in powder form!

    ✨ Our formula is healthy, composed entirely of natural ingredients, vegan and COSMOS Organic certified, issued by Cosmécert. ♻️ Our innovative approach aims to reduce plastic pollution through our cardboard packaging.

    💚 Everything is made in France with love, in an ESAT employing people with disabilities, and at an affordable price.

    Statistiques de nos testeurs

    After 1 month of use:

    97%find that the hair is less greasy

    88%can space out shampoos for an extra day

    • Notés 100/100 sur Yuka

      100% des ingrédients sont d'origine naturelle

    • Certifiés BIO

      par Cosmécert

    • Fabriqués dans un ESAT

      qui emploie des personnes en situation de handicap dans la Drôme

    • Zéro plastique

      pour limiter notre impact environnemental

    Comment utiliser les powder ?

    Les étapes

    C'est très simple, on te montre comment sublimer tes cheveux au naturel grâce aux pouvoirs des plantes ayurvédiques.

    ÉTAPE 1

    Sélectionne une ou plusieurs powder

    à associer en fonction de tes besoins. Mélanger plusieurs plantes te permet de bénéficier des propriétés de chacune et de faire ton soin sur -mesure !

    ÉTAPE 3

    Mélange avec de l'eau chaude

    Très simplement ajoute de l'eau petit à petit dans un bol pour obtenir la bonne texture. ↳ en repère, 3CS de poudre = 9 CS d'eau (à peu près)

    ÉTAPE 4

    Applique sur tes cheveux mouillés

    Nos soins sont toujours à appliquer sur cheveux mouillés. Les soins Détox ou Shampoudre sont à faire AVANT shampoing. Les soins des longueurs sont à faire APRES shampoing.

    ÉTAPE 5

    Laisse poser

    minimum 10 minutes. Sous une charlotte de soin c'est mieux pour augmenter l'efficacité !

    ÉTAPE 5

    Rince puis admire

    Et voilà, des cheveux sublimés au naturel. Tu peux ensuite poursuivre avec ta routine habituelle.

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